6 Tips On Doing Eco-Friendly Recycling Of artificial Christmas Trees

Handling the Christmas tree

During the Christmas season, many families, shops, shopping malls, and hotels will decorate with artificial Christmas trees. These plastic artificial Christmas items can be seen everywhere on the street. What to do with artificial Christmas trees after Christmas?

1. When you’re ready to recycle your artificial Christmas tree, start by cutting off all the lights and ornaments. If you have a light string, recycle it separately.

2. Separate the branches and cut them into smaller pieces if you can’t just toss them in the trash can. Plastic trees can be recycled with regular plastic waste, so wrap them in newspaper or paper towels before putting them in the bin.

3. Wrap any remaining parts of your fake tree in newspaper or paper towels, then tie with twine or rubber bands to keep everything together. This will make it easier for recycling companies to process your artificial tree when they pick up your garbage!

4. Place all of your recyclable materials (including branches) into a cardboard box or plastic bag so that they don’t get crushed during transportation (or while sitting at the curb). Use an old box or bag from a previous holiday season if possible – this will save money as well as reduce waste!

5. Make sure everything is dry before placing it on top of other materials so that mold doesn’t grow inside containers like cardboard boxes, plastic bags and cardboard tubes where moisture may accumulate over time without proper ventilation.

Handling the Christmas tree

Handling the Christmas tree

Generally speaking, many people will throw away the used Christmas tree after Christmas. It takes up too much space to recycle at home, and it is not as bright as the original after the second year. When the waste is disposed of, it has basically no recycling value.

Only a small part of the decorations will be recycled and kept for next year. However, many businesses make new products for Christmas every year. Many decorations, lanterns and even Christmas trees will not be reused, and will be used after the festival. Throw away trash.

We should know: the leaves of the simulated Christmas tree are made of plastic, and the trunk is mostly made of iron pipes. It is not cost-effective to charge at the price of iron, and it is difficult to disassemble the plastic at the price of iron, so it is difficult to recycle .

Moreover, the vast majority of Christmas trees and various ornaments use synthetic plastics or non-degradable materials, which brings inconvenience to later regeneration and recycling. Many people hope that manufacturers will recycle Christmas trees or launch Christmas tree rental services, but the market time is not yet ripe.

we suggest:

1. You can put the used Christmas tree in a cardboard box after arranging it. Do not pack it too tightly to prevent deformation.

2. You will put some hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree you bought to look good. If you want to use this tree next year, you can buy some different decorations and put them on it, and save them for next Christmas. It is also very good to use. In fact, you can also make some Christmas cards yourself. There are some such cards abroad. For example, you and your family’s photos can be made into beautiful cards, and it is also very good to put them on the Christmas tree!

3. If you really don’t use it, you can sell it as waste to plastic recycling places. Generally, don’t throw it away as garbage, because these materials will not dissolve naturally, which will affect the environment.