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How To Assemble Large Commercial Christmas Trees

Giant Metal Frame Christmas Tree

Many shopping malls and hotels will do holiday decorations during Christmas to attract guests, a large Commercial Christmas Trees are essential.

So how did these pretty-looking Commercial Christmas Trees come together? Below breaks down the installation & Assemble process of large Commercial Christmas Trees in detail.

Big Metal Frame Christmas Tree

1. Understand the structure of Commercial Christmas Trees

Commercial Christmas Trees with a height of more than 6 meters generally use a tower-type iron frame structure, which is more secure and stable. The iron frame is a layered structure that can be split. Generally, each layer is one meter. Sometimes, each layer is used for the convenience of installation. The two-meter layering method depends on the actual installation environment.

2. Installation & Assemble Commercial Christmas Trees Iron Frame

The installation starts from the bottom layer. First, combine the bottom blocks into a circle, fix them with screws, then place them on flat ground, then build up layer by layer, and finally combine them into a cone-shaped iron tower. frame. The blocks of each layer should be fixed with screws, and the layers should also be fixed with screws, so that the commercial Christmas Trees built up are stable.



3. Install & Assemble Commercial Christmas Trees Branches and Hanging Decorative Accessories

The branches of Commercial Christmas Trees are generally longer than 1.1 meters, and each layer will be 10 cm longer than the iron frame, and the sides will bulge and not sink in. The branches must be hung from top to bottom, layer by layer, and the branches must be fully unfolded while hanging, so that plump and lush Commercial Christmas Trees can be installed. Hanging decorative accessories should be carried out at the same time as the branches. After hanging the decorations on the branches, they can be installed on the iron frame, so that the operation is more convenient, and there is no need to climb the tree to hang the decorations.

4. Lighting up LED lights Commercial Christmas Trees

There are many different ways to lighten the lights, and we are mainly talking about two mainstream light string lighting. One is to install a layer of LED star lights from the outer layer after installing the Commercial Christmas Trees. Pull straight down from top to bottom to cover the entire surface of Commercial Christmas Trees. The second is to wrap LED light strings on the branches, which requires wrapping the light strings on the leaves before installing the branches. This method is more time-consuming and labor-intensive, but its effect is better. The wires are hidden inside the leaves. more natural.


5. Organize and debug Commercial Christmas Trees

After the Commercial Christmas Trees are assembled, it is also necessary to check whether the branches completely cover the surface of the iron frame, whether the decorations are evenly distributed, and whether the LED lights are all lit. After all the finishing is completed, the lights are re-lit to complete the installation of the entire large Commercial Christmas Trees.

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