Christmas lighting

Christmas Tree Light

The most common used LED lights on Christmas trees

LED light factory

We have professional LED light factory partners as our Christmas tree light suppliers, and they have obtained various certifications for string light exports. This not only ensures the high quality and safety of our products but also allows our clients to purchase and use our Christmas tree products with confidence.

High-Quality String Lights

LED Technology

Our string lights use the latest LED technology, providing longer lifespan and lower energy consumption.

Multiple Lighting Modes

Supports multiple lighting modes, including steady on, flashing, and fading, adding more fun to your holiday decorations.

Waterproof Design

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations, highly weather-resistant, ensuring normal use in various environments.

Strict Quality Control

International Certifications

Our string lights have passed multiple international certifications, including CE, RoHS, UL, meeting global safety and environmental standards.

Factory Audits

We conduct regular audits of the factory to ensure that every step of the production process meets strict quality standards.

Stable Supply

By partnering with professional string light factories, we ensure a stable supply of high-quality products to meet our clients’ demand.

The main difference between regular pre-lit Christmas trees and RGB lighting Christmas trees lies in the type of lights, control options, and functionality.

Regular Pre-lit Christmas Trees

Regular Pre-lit Christmas Trees are ideal for users who prefer simplicity and convenience, with fixed light colors and modes suitable for those who do not need to change the lighting effects frequently.

Fixed Lighting

Pre-lit Christmas trees usually come with fixed-color lights, typically in white or multicolor.

The light colors and modes are generally preset and cannot be changed by the user.

Control Options

Typically, they have simple on/off controls and may offer a few preset blinking modes, but the options are limited.

RGB Lighting Christmas Trees

RGB Lighting Christmas Trees are more suitable for users who enjoy a variety of lighting effects and smart control, allowing them to adjust light colors and modes according to different occasions and moods.

Multiple Colors

RGB lighting Christmas trees come with RGB lights that can display almost any color.

Users can choose and change the light colors according to their preferences.

Variety of Lighting Effects

These trees usually come with various lighting modes, such as fading, jumping, flashing, etc., and can often be controlled via a smartphone app or remote control.

Some high-end models even support music-synchronized lighting effects.

Smart Control

Many RGB lighting Christmas trees support smart control, allowing adjustments of light colors and modes through smartphone apps or voice assistants.

They may also offer features like scheduled on/off, scene settings, and other smart functionalities.

The number of lights needed for a Christmas tree depends on various factors, including height, shape, preferred density, and bulb type.
Here are our recommended light counts based on tree height and desired coverage.

Tree HeightLow DensityMedium DensityHigh Density
5 feet250450600
6.5 feet325650975
7.5 feet4509001350
9 feet67513502025
10 feet80016002400
11 feet90018002700
12 feet100020003000