Christmas tree customs around the world

christmas tree

Christmas Tree Traditions from Around the World: A little moment of culture in your day. Learn about different Christmas tree customs from around the world!

christmas tree

christmas tree

canadian christmas tree

In the 1700s, German settlers immigrated to Canada from the United States. They brought many of the Christmas-related things we hold dear today, such as calendars, gingerbread houses, cookies, and Christmas trees. Christmas trees became a tradition in England, the United States and Canada in 1848 when Queen Victoria’s German husband, Prince Albert, erected a tree at Windsor Castle.

Christmas tree in Mexico

In most Mexican homes, the main holiday decoration is the Nacimiento (nativity scene). However, it is possible to incorporate a decorator Christmas tree in Nacimiento or set up a Christmas tree elsewhere in the house. Since purchasing a natural pine tree is a luxury commodity for most Mexican households, the typical arbolito (small tree) is usually man-made, derived from the pine tree (Bursera).
microphylla) or a certain shrub collected from the countryside.

British Christmas tree

Norway spruce is a traditional species used to decorate British homes. Norway spruce is a species of spruce that lived in the British Isles before the last ice age
species, and was reintroduced here before the 1500s.

Christmas tree in Greenland

Christmas trees are imported because there are no trees in the north. They are decorated with candles and bright ornaments.

Christmas tree in Guatemala

Due to the large German population in Guatemala, the Christmas tree has also joined the “Nacimiento” (nativity scene) as a popular decoration
Taste. Children leave gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Parents and adults don’t exchange gifts until New Year’s Day.

Christmas tree in Brazil

Although Christmas comes during the summer in Brazil, sometimes small pieces of pine and cotton represent the decoration of falling snowflakes.

christmas tree in ireland

Christmas trees are available anytime and anywhere in December, decorated with lanterns, tinsel, and other decorations. Some people like angels in tree tops
On, some like the stars. The house is decorated with garlands, candles, holly and ivy. Wreaths and cotton mistletoe Q hang on the door.

Swedish Christmas tree

Most people buy their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that it was brought into the interior. evergreen tree decoration
Stars, sunbursts and snowflakes made of straw. Other decorations include colorful wooden animals and a straw core.

christmas tree in norway

Today, Norwegians often go out to the woods to pick a Christmas tree, something their ancestors might not have done. Christmas trees were not introduced to Norway from Germany until the second half of the 19th century. Go to the suburbs, or even later. When Christmas Eve arrives, it’s usually the parents who decorate behind closed doors in the living room, while the children wait excitedly outside. This is followed by a Norwegian ritual called “wrap around the Christmas tree”, where everyone holds hands in a circle around the tree and sings carols around the tree. Afterwards, distribute the gifts.

Ukrainian Christmas tree

Catholics celebrate on December 25 and Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas, the most popular holiday in Ukraine, on January 7. During Christmas (and also New Year’s Day), people decorate the fir tree” and throw parties.

Christmas tree in Spain

A popular Christmas custom is Catalan Q, a game of luck. The tree trunks were piled high with candy, and children rammed into them trying to knock off hazelnuts, almonds, toffees and other treats.

Green Pointy Christmas Tree

Green Pointy Christmas Tree

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