How to decorate a Christmas tree at home?

Christmas tree decoration at home

Step 1: Pick the right location

If you’re using a artificial Christmas tree, be sure to choose a spot close to an outlet to avoid the lights’ wires strewn across the living room floor. If using a real fir tree, try to choose a shady spot away from the heater or stove to prevent the tree from drying out prematurely.

Christmas tree decoration at home

Step 2: Measurement

Measure the tree’s width, height, and distance to the ceiling, taking into account the tree top decorations. Allow enough space around the tree to allow the branches to hang freely.

Step 3: Fluff

Comb and adjust the branches of the Christmas tree by hand to make the tree look natural and fluffy.

Step 4: Place the String Lights

Lay down the lantern strings from the top of the tree to evenly decorate the main branches. Experts suggest that the more lights, the better, with at least 170 small lights per meter of tree and at least 1,000 small lights on six-foot trees.

Step 5: Choose a Color

Choose a coordinating color scheme. Red, green and gold create a classic Christmas colorway. Those who prefer a winter theme can use silver, blue and purple. For those with a minimalist style, you can choose from white, silver and wood trims.

Step 6: Decorate the Ribbon

Beaded or ribbon-made streamers bring texture to the tree. Decorate from the top of the tree down. This link should be placed before other decorations.

Step 7: Decorate the pendant

Placing the decorative pendants is done from the inside of the tree and outwards. Place larger ornaments near the center of the tree to give them a deeper look, and place smaller ornaments at the ends of branches. Start with single-color ornaments as a base, and then add more expensive and more colorful ornaments. Remember to place expensive glass pendants at the top of the tree to avoid being knocked down by passers-by.

Step 8: Tree Skirt

Don’t leave your tree bare without a skirt. In order to cover the base of the plastic tree, be sure to add a cover, which can be a wicker frame or a tin bucket.

Step 9: Tree Top Decorations

Tree top decorations are the finishing touch to a Christmas tree. The traditional tree top ornament features the Star of Bethlehem, symbolizing the star that guided the Magi to Jesus. A tree top angel is also a good choice, symbolizing the angel who leads the shepherds to Jesus. Also popular now are snowflakes and peacocks. Don’t opt ​​for overly heavy tree top trim.

Step 10: Decorate the Remaining Tree

It is a good idea to have three trees: a tree in the living room to “decorate”, for neighbors to enjoy, and to put Christmas gifts under the tree. The second tree is placed in the children’s playroom, so there is no need to worry about children or pets falling over. The third is a small fir tree planted in a pot on the kitchen windowsill.

Tips for decorating your own Christmas tree:

1. Hang lanterns before hanging other decorations. Try to use LED lights, because LED lights heat slower.

2. Wrap the roots with plastic wrap. Plastic sheeting can keep pine needles from falling from trees. Then cover the plastic wrap with the Christmas tree skirt. Not only does a Christmas tree skirt make the tree more beautiful, but it also prevents pine needles from falling all over the floor.

3. The decorations should be evenly distributed. Don’t hang too many ornaments on the same branch. If there are too many ornaments hanging on a branch, the branches will bow down, the ornaments will fall off, and the branches may break.

4. It is suitable to hang decorations on branches with large upper and lower intervals, otherwise the decorations may hang down and press down on the branches below.

5. The decorations should be hung close to the lanterns. In this way, the colorful lights can illuminate the decorative objects brightly, especially the highly reflective decorative objects such as colorful balls, glass balls, and metal pendants.