How to make a Christmas tree by hand?

handmade christmas tree

How do you make a Christmas tree with your hands? Today I will teach you how to do it. There are many ways, let’s add color to Christmas together.

Home decoration must first determine the main theme, and Christmas decoration is not complicated. First of all, we must know how to use color matching to express the atmosphere of the environment. Generally speaking, red, green, gold, and silver are the 4 main colors that symbolize the festive New Year. They are also suitable for decorating Christmas homes.

But it should be noted that before determining the main color, you should carefully observe the color of your own furniture accessories. Choosing the main color of the same color as the furniture can make it more harmonious with the surrounding environment, and then add some gold, silver or emerald green after confirmation. , it can bring eye-catching Christmas decoration effect to the home. At the same time, the use of lighting is also very important.

The process of making small handmade Christmas tree

Small handmade Christmas tree

1. Handmade Christmas Tree – Required Items

1. Christmas bunting

2, flash pull flower

3. Christmas tree

4. Santa Claus clothes

5. Christmas Coloring Book

6. Make a photo of one square meter with Christmas patterns on it. After cutting it, you can paste it on the window and other places.

7. Christmas gifts (decoration)

8. Christmas gifts (gifts)

9. The Christmas house

10. Christmas Cards

11. Other related Christmas items: plastic pine branch circles (more expensive), plastic golden Merry Christmas words, etc.;

handmade christmas tree

2. Handmade Christmas tree – layout plan

1. Entrance: Place a Christmas tree (this is one of the most famous traditions in Christmas celebrations), which is essential to highlight the characteristics of the festival.

Christmas trees are generally made of evergreen trees such as fir and cypress, and artificial Christmas trees are also a good choice, because artificial trees are beautiful, have strong plasticity, and more importantly, do not require too much maintenance, and can be placed for a long time.

The tree is decorated with all kinds of candles, colorful flowers, toys and stars, and various Christmas gifts are hung; there is a self-made 1.5-meter-high Christmas house next to it; if there is a wall, you can paste some color pictures; it is best above the entrance or on the glass door A large plastic gold letter with the words “Merry Christmas” or loose circles or handmade pendant lights are hung in obvious places; Christmas bunting is hung above the entrance.

2. Corridor: Christmas coloring book, flashing flower shape, horizontal bunting (more economical)

3. Bulletin board: Christmas card (appreciation type), handwritten poster for Christmas

4. Glass: Christmas coloring pictures (clean and easy), snow spray (more difficult to clean, easy to deform), flashing flower shape

5. There should be obvious Christmas signs on the doors and windows (such as the words Merry Christmas or Christmas coloring pictures); walls – Christmas coloring pictures, photos of children wearing Christmas hats (required to prepare in advance), “What do you want to say most in the New Year” (Blank large paper, draw some green pine trees and houses with snow around, and write Merry Christmas in red art on the top), introduction to Christmas customs of various countries (print Christmas pictures from various countries from the Internet) and so on.

If you still think it is more complicated to make a handmade Christmas tree, you can send your design to us, and let our factory customize the artificial Christmas tree for you