how to put christmas lights on an artificial tree

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I love putting up Christmas lights. It feels like the start of a magical time of year and I’m excited to see what my neighbors are doing to deck their halls. Since moving into our new house, however, I realized that we didn’t own an actual Christmas tree! Instead, we have an artificial one that stays up all year long so it doesn’t make sense to hang lights on it. So how do you put lights on an artificial tree? Well here’s how:

christmas tree

christmas tree

drop down the stand

  • Make sure the stand is in a stable position.
  • Make sure the stand is not touching anything (like a table or countertop) that could be damaged by heat.
  • Make sure the stand is not touching anything (like a table or countertop) that could be damaged by moisture.

unplug the lights

To begin the process of decorating your artificial tree, you will first need to unplug it from both the wall and its power source. After that, you can begin by unplugging each light string from their respective sockets on the tree itself.

Once all of your lights are disconnected, plug in one section of lights at a time and test them to make sure they’re working before moving on to another section.

plug in and test the lights one section at a time

  • Plug the lights into an extension cord and turn them on.
  • Place your artificial tree where you want it to be displayed, and make sure that there is enough room for all of the lights on both sides of your tree.
  • Check each section of lights for a bad bulb before plugging it into the tree (to do this, unplug one section of lights at a time until you find the defective bulb). If you find a bad bulb replace it with another bulb from inside the package; if there are no more spare bulbs available in the package then remove all other bulbs from their sockets so that they don’t get damaged when replacing just one light bulb with a new one

christmas tree

wrap each section up the tree evenly

After you have wrapped the lights around the trunk, you’ll want to make sure they are still evenly spaced and not too close to or far away from your artificial tree. You can check this by holding up one section of lights in front of your eyes and looking at how it compares with other sections of lights on the tree — if there’s more than about an inch between each section, then you need to move those sections closer together so that they’re all equally spaced. If there are gaps between them, then you need to tuck some extra lights into these areas so that everything is nice and snug together.

Don’t worry if there’s a little bit of slack in some spots: just make sure that when you look at it from every angle, none of those spots stick out too far relative to their neighbors; this will make your final product look unevenly lit!


Now you know how to put Christmas lights on an artificial tree. We hope this article has helped you prepare your own tree with ease, and we wish you a happy holiday season!