What is the origin of the Christmas wreath?

christmas wreath

When it comes to Christmas decorations in Western countries, the first thing people think of is is the Christmas tree that every household must have. If you know a little bit, you will know that Western families will hang Christmas wreaths on their doors during Christmas, which is also very interesting. One of the most famous Christmas symbols, so what is the origin of the Christmas wreath.

christmas wreath

christmas wreath

Decorating the environment with holly and mistletoe at Christmas is another traditional custom of Westerners. Make a wreath of holly branches to hang on the gate, or place a few holly branches on the dining table.

It is said that green can ward off evil spirits, and the bright red fruits and green leaves of holly make people feel a breath of spring in the cold winter and twelfth lunar month.

Christmas wreath

Christmas wreaths originated in Germany. As early as 1839, locals gathered evergreen branches and leaves to make wreaths on Christmas Eve, and put candles in to wait for Jesus to come. For Christians, the evergreen of the wreath and its rings represent the eternal hope and immortal life of mankind.

Nowadays, many countries and families have the custom and preference to hang Christmas wreaths on their doors during Christmas.

Christmas wreaths are generally made of evergreen branches and leaves, such as pine and cypress branches, mistletoe, ivy or holly branches, etc., and then decorated with various materials such as pine cones, cinnamon, bows, Christmas balls, and fruits. It is said that hanging this garland on Christmas Eve can protect your children from being harmed by demons in the new year.