High quality artificial Christmas tree made of 100% injection molded PE or PVC

PE or PVC artificial Christmas tree

Materials and qualities of artificial Christmas trees


Would you like to see your artificial Christmas tree up close, like in an apartment? Then your artificial Christmas tree should look as detailed as possible – here an injection moulded tree is the right choice. The artificial fir tree looks like a Christmas tree from a distance, do you think it is enough? Then an artificial Christmas tree made of PE or PVC is the right choice. Whatever decision you make, whether it’s PE or injection molding, our artificial Christmas tree will stay with you for years and be sure to contemplate with your family.

Artificial Injection Christmas Tree – Premium Christmas Tree

The injection molded artificial Christmas tree features round pointed plastic needles that are a 1:1 replica of the original natural fir branches. The needles even sting a little because of the exact replica. Thanks to the beautifully shaped plastic needles, such a perfect artificial Christmas tree puts the real tree in the shade. Whether long and thin, short and bushy, straight or curved, every detail has been thought out so that each Christmas tree has its own unique shape.

Artificial Christmas trees made of injection moulding look very similar to their originals, we also call these trees like fir, blue fir, Douglas fir, noble fir.

Impressive with 5-fold forked branches, the faux oxford noble fir invites you to decorate with delicate filigree jewelry. Hand-injected Christmas tree fir models, which use bent needles to make a particularly beautiful Christmas tree, are also very popular. The artificial fir is a detailed replica of the Nordmann fir because of its stepped and expansive shape. From the point of view of many of our clients, it is the most popular fir tree.

This may be because real firs are among the most popular Christmas trees in our latitudes. We also offer matching fir wreaths from the same collection for your choice of faux injection molded Christmas tree models, allowing your Christmas decorations to go together in perfect harmony.

Artificial Christmas Trees – Price Sensitive Christmas Trees

You should understand and consider the main quality differences in PE materials. The important thing is high quality aluminum foil that can’t be too thin, otherwise the branches will be flat and not round, the needles can’t be too short, otherwise the artificial Christmas tree will look unnatural, the thread can’t be too thin, otherwise the branches will follow the decoration and most importantly, the branches don’t Too little, or you’ll end up with an incomplete faux Christmas tree despite being nicely decorated.

All of our artificial Christmas trees come with sturdy metal stands that will last a long time. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have incorporated all these standards into the production and thus can offer you a first-class artificial Christmas tree made of PE/PVC film.

Construction of artificial Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas tree delivered Given the detailed assembly instructions, the artificial Christmas tree is very simple and easy to set up.

The finished artificial Christmas tree All artificial fir trees up to 4m in size are made using a folding system. Using the folding system, the branches are securely attached to the central trunk and folded onto the trunk for transport. Depending on its size, an artificial Christmas tree consists of 2-5 middle sections that simply plug into each other. Once the middle sections are inserted into each other, simply fold the branches to the side one by one, automatically staying in the correct position. The folding system makes it easier to assemble and disassemble, and it can also be stored to save space.

Advantages of Injection Molded Christmas Trees

We do not make any compromises in the research and development and production of artificial fir, we are only satisfied when artificial fir is indistinguishable from real fir

We only use first-class TÜV-tested materials, only high-quality branded PE plastic pellets (no recycled materials)

Christmasever ® artificial fir is flame retardant

All needle types correspond to real fir needle types

Every artificial fir tree can be easily decorated with stable side branches

Every Christmas tree has a solid foundation thanks to a large enough metal core to act as a central trunk and stable metal supports

Our range of artificial injection moulded Christmas trees includes all the most popular native Christmas tree varieties, everyone will find their dream tree

Over the years, tens of thousands of customers have been amazed by the real appearance of artificial Christmas trees

Advantages of artificial Christmas trees over real Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees cannot be needled and are always as beautiful as day one so can be bought early or set up throughout Advent and Christmas
All branch ends are bendable to bend into desired shape and fit jewelry
Faux fir trees are high quality, durable and can be reused for many years
After the party, the artificial Christmas tree can be easily packed again in the storage box provided, saves space due to the folding mechanism, and saved for the next party
The artificial Christmas tree is made of flame retardant material, so your artificial Christmas tree or your home will not catch fire through carelessness
With artificial fir trees, you will never bring bugs like ticks into your home

Artificial Christmas Trees: Accessories

We want you to enjoy your new artificial Christmas tree as much as possible. We produce with the highest quality materials, thus laying a solid foundation. To keep your artificial Christmas tree safe until next year, we offer you a range of high-quality, stable storage bags in different sizes.

It’s a premium product with patented ingredients built into the material to protect your tree from brittleness and hardening. At the same time, the spray is antistatic and protects the tree from dust pollution. Check out our full line of Christmas accessories.


With Christmasever ® Artificial Christmas Trees – From Disposable Society to Truly Sustainable

Christmasever ® has been producing and selling high quality, exclusive artificial Christmas trees for nearly 20 years. Not only do we focus on the high quality of our products, Christmasever® also focuses on topics such as sustainability, environmental protection and fair trade.

Environmental awareness plays an important role in choosing only TÜV-tested materials and producing our artificial Christmas trees. We focus on the economical use of resources and the reduction of waste. This includes, among other things, that all materials from which we produce trees can be recycled.

Our PE material for the innovative manufacturing technology PlasTip ®, for example, the material used to produce artificial fir branches and branches can be remelted and recycled to produce items such as packaging, bubble wrap or plastic bags.

In addition, all leftovers from production are used to make other products, which in turn makes the production of artificial plants and trees not only economically viable, but also represents an efficient use of the earth’s resources.