What are the Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Before Christmas, everyone will decorate a little, what decorations do you need to buy for Christmas, and how to decorate the Christmas scene, let me tell you what the Christmas decorations are.

Christmas decorations are:

Christmas tree: as big as a few meters, tens of meters, as small as tens of centimeters or even a few centimeters, all kinds of Christmas trees are available.

Christmas hat: Don’t think that only Santa Claus wears a Christmas hat, not Santa Claus, you can also wear a Christmas hat on Christmas day.

Christmas stockings: Whether you are coaxing your girlfriend or entertaining the children at home, Christmas stockings are a very good choice. Some Christmas stockings are still very delicate, and what girl doesn’t like delicate things?

Christmas bell: This is mainly hung on the Christmas tree. The so-called Christmas tree is to hang all kinds of beautiful decorations on it. Of course, the bell is a must.

Ribbons: On the Christmas tree, the streamers are bound to arrive. If there are no streamers, the whole Christmas tree will be overshadowed. Adding streamers will make a difference. The brighter the color, the more colorful your Christmas tree will be.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Balloons: Balloons can create a romantic and warm atmosphere and are an essential material for decorating a room. Prepare a large number of helium balloons of different colors a day in advance to decorate the ceiling of the living room. You also need some ordinary balloons, which can be blown up and hung in a relatively empty place, or concentrated in the corner of the sofa. achieve decorative effect.

Wall decoration: The wall is decorated with some easy-to-remove and no traces after removal. For example: a three-dimensional foam wall sticker with a Christmas theme. Choose different patterns for wall stickers, and you can hang some Christmas rattan on the wall while sticking the wall stickers.

Christmas Snowman: Of course, this is not a real snowman, but a snowman for decoration, usually a plastic or foam snowman, there are big and small, very cute!

Christmas gift: This can be a real gift, or it can be a gift bag or gift box for decoration. It is placed under the artificial christmas tree. The gifts of different sizes are piled up together, which is extraordinarily rich.