What do the decorations on the Christmas tree mean?

decorations on the Christmas tree

When Christmas arrives, in western countries, whether on the streets or at home, you can often see the green and tall figure of the Christmas tree.

Legend has it that the earliest Christmas tree originated in Germany. Martin Luther, a German religious reformer in the 16th century, designed a Christmas tree with candles and balls at home in order to obtain a starry Christmas night. The tradition of the Christmas tree has been passed down to this day. So

decorations on the Christmas tree

What do the decorations on the Christmas tree mean?

The meaning of some Christmas tree decorations:

1. Tree top star: The tree top star is a star inserted on the Christmas tree. It is called the star of Bethlehem. It is very twinkling. With the decoration of the tree top star, the Christmas tree will be more fairy-like, and some styles The treetop star can also be charged and glow, and the twinkling is very eye-catching.

2. Muppets: You can decorate some little dolls on the Christmas tree, such as Santa-shaped or elk-shaped dolls, and hang such beautiful Christmas dolls on the gorgeous Christmas tree, I believe children will like it very much.

christmas tree

3. Snowflakes: Snowflakes are the most common decorations on the Christmas tree. You can imagine that there are many white snowflakes hanging on the green Christmas tree. It feels very romantic, and you can also feel the breath of winter. At the same time, you can also buy some large snowflakes to hang on the roof, and you can see the snowy scenery outside.

4. Bell: The bell is a bell that notifies the birth of Christianity, comes from the kingdom of heaven, and means joy. Some people use the bell to make people return to God and not get lost. At the same time, the bell also means to drive away demons. So you can hang bells on the Christmas tree too.

5. Apple and Ruby: Apple or Ruby is also the decoration of the Christmas tree. As the fruit of wisdom in the Garden of Eden, it not only symbolizes the fruit that brings fruitful results or happiness, but also the Ruby symbolizes the tree of life and has a beautiful meaning.